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Drainage and Irrigation


Drainage and Irrigation

Quality Drainage and Irrigation Services

Landscape Drainage and Lawn Irrigation Services

The prolonged summer heat often takes a toll on the landscape. While water is essential to the health of your lawn and the plants in your landscape, insuring against too much of a good thing is also critical. Outdoor Images knowledge and experience can create and implement irrigation or drainage solutions to keep your lawn, plants, trees and flowers, growing and thriving throughout the seasons.

All plants, shrubs and lawn grasses depend upon proper amounts of moisture to maintain their health and beauty all year long. Outdoor Images can design an irrigation system to ensure controlled delivery of water to your plants when they need it, and avoid unnecessary watering when they don’t. Too much or too little watering can both contribute to a plants’ survival including vulnerability to disease. Irrigation requirements can vary greatly depending on soil type, terrain, exposure to sunlight, wind and the individual needs of different plant varieties.

Outdoor Images also realizes the importance of adequate drainage to the health and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. The flow of excess water from driveways, sidewalks, gutter downspouts, as well as the movement of water from adjacent properties must all be considered when evaluating the drainage requirements and designing solutions for troubled areas of your landscape. Outdoor Images designs and constructs custom drainage solutions for those problem areas, ensuring more outdoor livable spaces to your property.

Let Outdoor Images help with all your irrigation and drainage needs, to protect your lawn and landscaping for years to come.