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“Not just a project. It’s a relationship.”


“Not just a project. It’s a relationship.”

“Not just a project. It’s a relationship.”

Steve and Holly

Steve and Holly engaged Outdoor Images to recreate their front property with a special stipulation: exclusively use native plants. Outdoor Images turned this requirement into the cornerstone of the redesign, transforming the front yard into ribbons of native plants. But with the large number of young plantings, how could this area have visual impact?

TJ Husted, Outdoor Images founder and award-winning designer, took inspiration from the land’s natural changes. He installed large-scale boulders as an initial focal point. As the plants grow and cover the boulders, the stones take on a lesser role. And, as the plants recede in winter, the boulders are again revealed.

With the front of the property well in hand, the homeowners decided to add a focal point for the back – a stone walkway. Again, their vision informed the design. In this case, Steve wanted the stones to be appreciated as individual elements, not just as a throughway. TJ responded with thick flagstones that rise above the ground, creating a path that seems to float on top of the garden’s surface.

And as TJ observes, “It wasn’t just a project. It’s become a relationship.” Outdoor Images’ team continues to work with the homeowners to maintain the property, fine-tuning plant placement, addressing drainage issues and keeping plants looking their best with ongoing care.