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“A yard that keeps giving.”


“A yard that keeps giving.”

"A yard that keeps giving."

Dave and Amy

His creativity gave us a yard that will keep on giving years later

Dave and Amy B.
A home renovation left Dave and Amy with a yard that also needed an upgrade. They approached Outdoor Images with ideas of what they wanted to plant and were met with a surprise. TJ Husted, award-winning designer and master gardener, directed them to a less expensive solution. “He was very efficient: considering what would grow over time, mixing and matching plants that will mature well together,” says Dave. “And, the Outdoor Images team also recycled existing plants, moving them to areas of the yard where they would flourish.”

Building on the original landscaping plan (designed by Outdoor Images years before), TJ created a space that was responsive to the family’s current and future needs. A ravine was leveled out to become a large green play space, perfect for neighborhood ball games. Near the house, a formal gathering space featuring soft zoysia grass provides a place to entertain. Container gardens dot the landscape, adding color and even flavor in the case of a grill-side herb garden.

“His creativity gave us a yard that will keep on giving years later,” adds Dave.