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February In the Garden

February In the Garden

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The daily weather temperatures can be inconsistent. The sun can be shining or it can be hiding behind a cloud. February is always the time of year when the gardener can begin dreaming in North Carolina. Hard scapes make their statements and the evergreens show their full glory in contrast to the starkness of the deciduous trees. We also sit far enough south that with some planning you can have flowers.

February is a good time to begin taking stock in plans already laid and the plans yet to come. To help with this process, we at Outdoor Images confer with past garden journals and notes to make a plan for the next growing season. If you have never kept a garden journal before, February is a good time to start.

Observing the emergence of layers in your garden can be an exciting process. First, the early spring bulbs. Next, the perennials begin to peek out. Then, temperatures stabilize enough for seasonal annuals. Finally, the deciduous trees leaves return. It is really a parade. With all of these things embellishing the stone, brick and lighting accents. The beauty of the garden is that it can be accomplished in planned layers. Call TJ Husted at Outdoor Images to begin a conversation about the layers of your garden (919) 868-2533