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Benefits of a Good Maintenance Program

Benefits of a Good Maintenance Program

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There are benefits of a good maintenance program for beds and turf. Many homeowners have a weekly chore to complete on the grounds of their property. This work is a variety of task; lawn care, bed care, pest/disease management and general clean up. A good landscape maintenance program for your property can greatly improve your results, allow you to select tasks you enjoy and give you time for some of the other demands of life. Every yard is unique and needs a maintenance plan that fits the homeowner and property. Here are a few maintenance tasks that can really improve curb appeal.

  1. Pruning – Keeping plants pruned correctly increases their structural beauty, helps to maintain proportion and keeps them fresh & healthy in our gardens.
  2. Bed Maintenance – Maintaining the beds around your property is like keeping the closets, under the bed & the refrigerator clean. It not only looks better, it feels better.
  3. Hand weeding – A great way to reduce weeds in the turf and beds. It is a surprisingly effective way to eradicate different weed species from your turf and beds with concentrated work. For those homeowners who are sensitive to chemical use, this can be a good service to contract.
  4. Turf Applications – Utilization of fungicide, yearly reseeding & fertilizers is another great area to seek assistance. It is not always fun to deal with or store the chemicals sometimes necessary for turf management. Allow a professional to take on the responsibility. There are still plenty of other tasks to complete.
  5. Yard Clean-Up – There are many reasons you might need a yard clean up. Cleaning up from one season and getting ready for the next can be one task that requires assistance. You may also just need a good old fashioned clean from ongoing things, such as life. Whatever the reason a yard clean up can be a seasonal necessity to help you to continue to move forward in your outdoor space.

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